How property taxes are paid?

How property taxes are paid?

Property owners can pay property taxes through pre-authorized bank withdrawal monthly or in a lump sum once a year.

Business owners can pay Business Improvement Area (BIA) taxes in a lump sum once a year.

Monthly Payment Options

  1. Through the City’s property tax monthly payment plan
  2. Through your mortgage

Annual Payment Options

  1. Bank (including online and telephone banking)
  2. By mail (cheque, money order)
  3. In person (cheque, debit, cash, money order)

Browse property assessment and tax information on our password-protected site 24/7.

Looking for latest account balance?

The latest property tax account balance and a two-year transaction history are available on—the City’s secure site for property owners. Create your profile and sign in today!

Points to Remember

  1. Include the remittance portion of your tax notice with all in-person or mailed payments.
  2. Make cheques payable to the City of Edmonton.
  3. If paying by debit card, ensure the amount of your taxes does not exceed your debit card limit.
  4. If paying by ATM, keep your receipt as proof of the date and time of payment.
  5. The City of Edmonton does not accept credit cards, credit card cheques or wire payments directly as a method of paying property taxes.

When paying by cheque, ensure it is signed, dated and completed accurately (body and figures match). The City is not responsible for errors and omissions.

If the City cannot process your payment due to an error on the cheque or insufficient funds, late-payment penalties and service charges may apply to your account.


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