Why 2 BHK is the ideal investment apartment?

Why 2 BHK is the ideal investment apartment?
  • Has Target Audience: Be it the nuclear family or small family, 2 BHK is considered as the ideal apartment to invest on. Moreover, those who are looking for rented apartments, 2 BHK is highly considered.

  • Quite Affordable: Though the price of the 2 BHK flat is quite high compared to 1BHK, but is lower than 3 BHK. 2 BHK is very easy to rent or sell due to its affordability. Top developers offer 2 BHK flats under intelligent price, which the medium income family can afford to buy.  Moreover, the price of 2 BHK depends on the location. If the apartment is in a prime location, the price may be higher compared to outskirts of the city or less developed city.

  • Higher Selling Value: Unlike 1 BHK, 2 BHK flats have higher selling value, especially if the apartment is located in prime location. For if the buyer has purchased for Rs 1.20 cr, the selling value can around Rs 1.30-35 cr, depending on the real estate price, amenities and how old the project is. The two units of 2 BHK will have much higher capital appreciation compared to one unit of 3 BHK. It is purely based on demand & supply scenario. Moreover rent from two units of 2 BHK will always be much higher compared to 1 unit of 3 BHK.

  • Easy Rental: Imagine you have purchased 3 BHK flat and suddenly have to leave the city; you will certainly face the situation of no rental purchase. No small or nuclear family members would go for a 3 BHK flat on rent. When it comes to 2 BHK, people look forward to buying it for rental purpose.

  • Medium Maintenance Cost: The maintenance cost of 2 BHK is comparatively lower than 3 BHK is higher than a 1 BHK apartment. The maintenance is defined as per the size of the apartment and amenities offered. So investing in 2 BHK for lower maintenance is certainly a good idea.

 2 BHK apartments are ideal investment options considered by nuclear family and medium-sized families. Thinking practically and for the long-term purpose, investing in 2 BHK is certainly the best thing you can do for better ROI.


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